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Why I Left Early On New Years Eve (And Why That’s Okay)


Let’s skip the apology why I haven’t published anything in the last 2 months. It’s the 4. day of the new year and the birthday of my bigger sister (Happy Birthday Paula!). By now everybody should be cured of their hangover and accepted that their New Year’s Resolutions aren’t going to happen, so there should be enough time and attention for blog posts like this one.

My New Year’s Eve was completely okay. It wasn’t the party of the year, but let’s be honest – it never is. Simply, because everybody thinks they need to do something super special for the last night of the year. Extraordinary party nights and memorable excesses normally happen unplanned and don’t tie themselves to one specific date, which happens New Year’s Eve to be. Next, to way too expensive entree charges and unbelievable expensive Hotels or any means of transportation, the high expectations are the thing that kills the night. But as soon as you realized and accept that fact, nothing can go wrong anymore.

I had a good plan for the night. First going to dinner with a bunch of friends, then drink and wait for midnight at a house party and after the fireworks, we wanted to go to a club. I wore an amazing outfit, the food was delicious and I had much fun at the party, thanks to my friends and a really good drinking game. The firework was fun too, but while the boys threw the 100th firecracker in our direction and bawled, my motivation burst with one of their bangs.

I told only my best friend, that I wouldn’t come with the rest of the group to the club and left on the way, without another word. I knew that the alcohol level of my friends would prevent them from noticing my absence. At home, I took a hot shower for 30 minutes, got in my PJ’s and went to bed happy. And, while falling asleep quickly, I realized that there was no other place I would rather be. But why? Because, after 20 years, I learned to spend time alone with myself and be happy while doing it. I learned, that I don’t have to be at it all the time, whatever it is, to have a fulfilled life. And that I may be more boring than my friends, but just as happy as them.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not planning to be a couch potato from now on. My studies start in April and I think as a first semester you have a lot to celebrate. But I now know that I don’t have to be on the dance floor, to have a succeeded night. To come back to New Year’s Eve: all my sparklers sparkled, I laughed, I drank and I celebrated myself into the next year. That’s all I need.

How was your last night of 2016?

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