Creativity is really important in my life. Since years it is, but right now I am in a situation where I have to be creative. I am not good in having creative ideas under pressure because the best things come to my mind when I do something completely different. You know that?

No matter if I sit on the train on my way to the agency or I am under the shower, eating with friends or watching TV. When I do something unrelated to my creative work, I get the best ideas. Which does not fit together with my time pressure, so that’s why I’ve joined the slow blogging movement.
Slow Blogging Movement Kreativitaet Renegade Personal Creativity

Right now I am in three, very important roles which require creative Ideas. My internship as a Grafik designer teaches me a lot and gives me, even more, inspiration, but claims a lot too. Added to this comes to my portfolio which I need to apply to university and which gives me the biggest headache right now. It’s an up and down between “you can do this” and “You’re crap”.

Slow Blogging Movement Kreativitaet Renegade Personal Creativity

But these two situations are just for a short time. A continued demand for creativity takes this blog, which is one of the facts why I love blogging so much. But I am not a fashion blogger so I can’t “simply” upload some outfit posts and have my content save. I know how much work such an outfit post creates but fashion blogger knows their theme of the post (the outfit) and what kind of photos they need (outfit photos). Since I am a lifestyle blogger it’s not that easy for me to find themes I want to write about, am passionate about and brings something for my readers. And if I finally found my theme, I need some ideas for good photos which is even more difficult since I am a perfectionist about that and horrible when I have to be on the photos. And I don’t want my blog to be a source of stress since this is a thing for my which I do because I love it and have fun doing it.Slow Blogging Movement Kreativitaet Renegade Personal Creativity

That’s how I came to my Wednesday-Sunday-rule. Instead of forcing myself to put up 5 posts a week, I decided to go for two days which fit into my weekly routine and give me the space I need to be creative. To upload something new 5 or even 7 days a week is nearly impossible if you aren’t a full-time blogger. But I needed to come to this insight, after all, I wanted to be a star in the blogging business. But then I found a blog post about the slow blogging movement and I just knew it was the right thing for me in the first second I read it. I want to create blog posts who fit me and has added value. And because I put so much lifeblood, creativity and work in one post, I don’t want it to be taken down by the next post just 24 hours later. So with my decision for 2 posts a week I speak for creative content and against fast blogging!