The title is kinda confusing. What has palm oil to do with my favorite magazine? What is palm oil and why do I talk about it?

First things first. My favorite magazine is The Fernweh Collective. You could see an issue in the background of the photos of this post. I found the magazine on an Instagram feed of a friend and needed it as soon as possible. I ordered both issues and some really lovely prints which decorate my room now. The Fernweh Collective is a travel magazine with a heart for a better future and a better understanding of foreign cultures and nature. Additionally there is no advertisement in the whole magazine and is has the most beautiful layouts I’ve ever seen.

and what’s about palm oil?

The second issue of The Fernweh Collective is about the rainforest. Next to breathtaking travel reports I read about the huge destruction of the rainforest. Most of us know that the rainforest dies every day a bit more but the fewest of us have a picture in their mind about that. But as I read the interview with Katy Weaver and her travel to Borneo moved me so deeply, that I had to write about the theme. Palm oil is the most produced vegetable oil worldwide (66 million tons per year), which you can find in every second supermarket product since it’s so cheap. Nearly half of the imported palm oil goes in organic petrol. That does not sound so organic anymore – or? Worldwide the palm oil plantations sum up to a size of New Zealand!  Source.

oelpalme-plantage-palmoel-magazin-fernweh-renegade-justin-guarigliathe big lie behind “organic”

Next to the fact that organic patrol is three times as harmful to the climate as normal patrol made from petroleum, the plantations steal the habitats for animals and humans. Orang-Utans, pygmy elephants and Sumatran tigers are near to their extinction. And even tribes who live since generations in the forest are forced to leave their land. Meanwhile, it’s not even fast enough to just deforest the rainforest – no they just burn everything down. What creates so much gas which is harmful to the climate. In the year 2015 Indonesia topped the US in the production of greenhouse gas. Source.


so what can we do?

We have to increase the pressure to the politicians. Small decisions in our everyday life can change a lot:

  • Cook for yourself.  Cooking for yourself means you decide for yourself. Moreover, self-cooked food is always better than finished products. Use native oils for cooking and baking like olive oil.
  • Read the small print. Hands up who reads the back of the groceries package before he buys it? Since 2014 it’s law in the EU that if a product contains palm oil it has to stand on the package. In cosmetic- or washing products they often use complicated chemical words for palm oil. But a short internet research will help you.
  • Bus and Train not Car and Airplane. Think twice before you go by car. Walking and taking the bike should be healthy as well!
  • Knowledge and passing on. This point I fulfill now. I did not have a clue about palm oil but now I know more and I tell you about it.

You can order the great magazine from The Fernweh Collective here. I can not wait for the third issue!