TRAVEL On 10. February 2017

One Month Indonesia Part 1 | Bali & Gili Trawangan


We were sitting together at the Ginyuu restaurant in Cologne, over Edamame and spring rolls. I stirred in my weird looking passion fruit Ipanema and laughed together with Vita and  Sarah. While waiting for the train together with Vita after the dinner, she asked for Bali Tips for her upcoming travel. As soon as I started to think about it, she told me to write a blog post about my time in Indonesia. So my dearest Vita, here you have.

PERSONAL On 4. January 2017

Why I Left Early On New Years Eve (And Why That’s Okay)

Let’s skip the apology why I haven’t published anything in the last 2 months. It’s the 4. day of the new year and the birthday of my bigger sister (Happy Birthday Paula!). By now everybody should be cured of their hangover and accepted that their New Year’s Resolutions aren’t going to happen, so there should be enough time and attention for blog posts like this one.

TRAVEL On 31. July 2016

5 places I want to visit before I study

So I’m back home since a month now and my daily routine is back up. I’m working, blogging, going to the gym and meeting friends. It’s not easy to go from one environment to another one that quick. Since I don’t want to get crazy I created a Bucket List of places I want to see before I start to study.

PERSONAL On 20. July 2016

I’m home

Saturday, 02.06.2016 10:10am, flight TK 1587 lands at the airport in Frankfurt. In this machine, seat 5E, am I. The shake from the landing wakes me out of the conversation I had with a german-turkish travel guide. I’m home, after one year.