PERSONAL By On 2. November 2016

Slow Blogging Movement

Creativity is really important in my life. Since years it is, but right now I am in a situation where I have to be creative. I am not good in having creative ideas under pressure because the best things come to my mind when I do something completely different. You know that?

CRUELTY FREE COSMETIC By On 26. October 2016

H&M Conscious Cosmetic

Everybody knows H&M and has at least 5 pieces in their wardrobe from this store. That’s the first thing you think of, when you hear H&M. Cosmetic isn’t. But by the moment I heard that H&M brought out the conscious line for beauty I had to give that a closer look.


Hair 101

I get questions about my hair pretty often. Like nearly every other girl me and my hair had a lot to go through which ended in an excessive hate-love relationship.
In my small hair 101, I show you how I care for my hair and where my hair color is from, which is (poorly) not given by nature.