I this Post über Perfection I already mentioned that I’m in love with Instagram Stories. Why and what makes Instagram Stories better than Snapchat is explained in the following.

It’s been more than 2 months now, 2nd of august, that the new update from Instagram came out and made most of us speechless. My first thought was “How rude is that!”. Instagram just exactly copied Snapchat  like it’s nothing. I did not use the Instagram Stories simply out of solidarity and posted my stuff on Snapchat. But by now some things changed.


Viewer on Snapchat

I still use Snapchat daily. But I don’t post a thing in my own story, I just watch the stories from others. (As long as Hayley Williams has Snapchat the App won’t ever leave my phone). Mainly I watch the stories from other Blogger. My favorites to stalk are Masha Sedgewick, Novalanalove, Annie Cherie, Erik Scholz and Fashion Vernissage. Nearly every night before I got to sleep I watch their stories and the one of my friends. But some things annoy me on Snapchat – things that are better on Instagram.


no more Face Filters

I hate the face filters. Yes, they are funny. And yes, I’ve sent some of the face transformations to my friends. But in the stories, they are just annoying. Why do you have to have a Toast as your face when you speak to your camera? Or flowers in your hair? These funny Add-Ons change some (for me) interesting content in “Look how my face looks now! And now! And now!”. As soon as I see somebody with deer ears or a dog face in their story I skip it. Because it’s a pain in the arse to listen to your monolog when a giant tongue comes out of your face with a loud ‘Schhhhlt’. Additionally, I like the photo filter on Instagram more and there are more to choose from. Another plus point for Insta!


penalty point for Instagram stories

Of course, I am honest and admit that Insta Stories aren’t perfect. I don’t like that you can’t put some emojis in the middle of the photo like you are able to on Snapchat.
Besides that, I’ve read some articles about the theme and many people criticize that Instagram Stories are for the not so perfect photos that don’t go in your normal feed. Instead of posting your crooked piece of pie just because it tasted awesome the Instagram Story User directs the whole coffee table. “The personality is missing” they wrote. My thoughts to that were, that the photo of your crooked piece of pie is not as interesting for me as a nice directed coffee table, simply because I don’t know (and never will) if your pie really tasted that awesome. And real personality never really comes through a phone camera. Admit it: Everybody thinks about what he will say or show before he hit the recording button, no matter if it’s on Snapchat or Instagram Stories.


killer argument for Instagram

Just like I learned in school, I kept my best and strongest argument until the end. The main reason I went from Snapchat to Instagram is: better camera quality. Snapchat put’s down the quality of your camera and it makes me crazy! Instagram delivers a better quality which I love and pay for with a few more KB since the data is bigger. And even if most of the people I follow are still on Snapchat I went over to Team-Insta because of all these arguments. Thank Instagram Stories.

So what do you say about that? Do you still use Snapchat like most do? Tell me why!