Everybody knows H&M and has at least 5 pieces in their wardrobe from this store. That’s the first thing you think of, when you hear H&M. Cosmetic isn’t. But by the moment I heard that H&M brought out the conscious line for beauty I had to give that a closer look.

Conscious is the line from H&M which uses recycled products. I really like that line for clothes but now even for beauty? Great! And cruelty free? Amazing! So I decided to buy three shower products, two face masks and an eyeliner.
HundM Conscious Kosmetik Beauty Bio Organic Recycling H&M

Shampoo, conditioner & body wash

So I bought the Nuturing Shampoo with aloe, the Nuturing Conditioner with organic shea butter and organic paracaxi oil. Then I went for the Relaxing Body Wash with Vetivergras.  The packaging is recycled, 98 % of the ingredients are from natural origin and more than half of them are from organic farming. I like all three products and they smell really nice. I am one of the types who doesn’t want their hair smell like flowers or fruits. The conditioner is really creamy and is a really good hair care. The shampoo cleans the hair and is not too heavy which is important for me since I have really thin and straight hair. The body wash does what it should and smells amazing. The only critic I have is that you can not open the packages which I don’t like since sometimes a lot of product stays inside the package and I would like to get it out.

HundM Conscious Kosmetik Beauty Bio Organic Recycling Gesichtsmasken H&M

face masks

Since I am such a fan of hair masks I tried two face masks as well. I liked the colors and decided to go for the masks for tired skin.
I tried Cucumber and Aloe mask and it was a green gel which transforms into a peel-off mask. I have to say that I am not a big fan of peel-off masks but I tried it and the effect was worth it since my skin felt super fresh afterwards. Within the next days I tried the Pomgrenate Mango mask and I loved it! The colour and the consistency reminded me of Fruchtzwerge. (It’s a german yogurt for children and I loved it when I was younger – and still do). The mask made my face look bright and glowing. But here is a small minus point too since you can close the packages once you’ve opened them but there is enough product to use for 2-3 masks. I had some small tins in my bathroom which helped.

HundM Conscious Kosmetik Beauty Bio Organic Recycling Gesichtsmasken H&M

Dip Liner Ink

Okay please throw away your old eyeliner and sit down. This one is the non-plus-ultra. I had the bloggers favorite dip eyeliner from manhattan before and I kinda liked it. But since manhattan does animal testing I had to find a new one. That’s why I bought the H&M Dip Liner Ink and loved it from the first second. It looks really classy and you can apply it easily. It’s super black and matte (what I really like) and is dry within seconds, that’s why you don’t have ugly stripes in your eyeliner if you want to apply a second layer. It stays the whole day and is easy to get off in the night. So this is the high-end product of my order and I really, really can recommend it!


Have you ever ordered from H&M Beauty? What did you liked?