I get questions about my hair pretty often. Like nearly every other girl me and my hair had a lot to go through which ended in an excessive hate-love relationship.
In my small hair 101, I show you how I care for my hair and where my hair color is from, which is (poorly) not given by nature.

In the last couple of years I tried a bunch of things to get my hair right. My love for crazy hair colors nearly killed my hair by going from red to pink, from blue to violet and then brown and than blonde. I did not just lost all of my volume, my hair turned out highly sensitive, thin and dry. By now my hair is back on train again, thanks to my magic cure. But first things first.

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1 time a week a hair cure

I know I’m telling you that over and over but it is worth it! Imagine – all the hair stylist who told us that since day one were right! But I hate it to stand wet and cold in the shower to wait this shitty 5 minutes until I can wash the product out – I chose the Hair Cures from Lush. You put them into your dry hair, wait 20 minutes and then take a shower just as usual. So I can grease that stuff in my hair, head back to the laptop and a few minutes later I step out of the shower with wonderful hair. Minimal effort – maximal results.
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2 pump hits hair milk

When I don’t use a hair cure, I treat my hair with hair milk after the shower. The one I use is from Balea and I use it since years, I really love it. Since my hair is pretty flat and thin, I don’t touch any oils. They are just too heavy for my hair and make things even worse. My hair milk spends moisture and is still a light texture. After the shower, I split my hair in the middle and lay the parts over my shoulders. Every side get’s one pump hit of hair milk. Done.
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3 minutes for the conditioner

After the shampoo comes the conditioner. That nothing new or exciting. But for all the colored people out there, washing your hair is washing out your hair color at the same time. Which is super shitty, especially for people with bright colors like red, blue, orange etc. After a few years with the same color, fading is not a big problem anymore but I still want to do something against it, even if it’s not that bad. I got the tip from a saleswoman in a tiny shop in Australia. You buy directions or manic panic (vegan hair colors in all shades of the rainbow) and mix it together with your conditioner. Since shampoo opens up your hair structure and conditioner closes it, your color get’s a tiny boost. That’s why I always keep an eye on the clock to be sure I leave in the conditioner for exactly 3 minutes (just as long as it takes to shave your legs – just saying.)

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after 4 days I wash my hair

A little while ago I was one of the persons who wash their hair every day or every second. They got greasy pretty fast and since I wear bangs it’s even worse. But it is absolutly not healthy for your hair to wash it that often. Your hair get’s greasy that fast, because you wash it that often. It’s a mean cicle where it’s not easy to get out of. You need stamina and a little wonder. Dry Shampoo! This stuff was a revolution for my hair wash routine. Since I use it my hair got fuller and a wash it twice a week. It saves so much time in the morning and my dry shampoo hair looks even better than my freshly washed hair. Promise.

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5 Hair products all together

I don’t put more than 5 things in my hair. Many of us buy way to much stuff for their hair. Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner, Oil, something here and something there. Over that we put all the styling products day by day. That is so much for our hair! I reduced my hair products to 5 and I don’t miss a thing. Have a look in your bathroom and notice how much stuff you have for your hair only – you’re gonna be surprised.

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Every 6 weeks I use henna

So that’s my secret. That’s my magic cure. That’s the shit. I started to use henna nearly 4 years ago and it saved my hair. Since henna is all natural and more like a treatment with the side effect that is coloring your hair, there is nothing better for me. And henna is not always reddish orange like I have it. It goes from a red-blonde to deep brown, so there is a lot to try. But be careful before you start. Since henna is a nature product made out of plants and herbs and stuff it reacts badly with chemical hair colors. So there is not such a thing as changing the color back quickly. I haven’t tried it by myself but read a lot of horror stories online where Henna-Redheads wanted to go to a golden blonde and ended up with a swamp green. So think about your decision. But once you’ve made it, it’s gonna be the best you’ve ever done.

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7 night a week I braid my hair

I braid my hair every night. No matter how tired I am, no matter how much I drank, no matter how sick I am. I’ll put my hair in a boxer braid, otherwise, I can’t sleep. I came to the idea when my then-boyfriend had the habit to lean on my hair at night. You can imagine that horrible pain. Once my hair was in a braid, I could sleep painlessly. After more than a year I read an article which said, that braiding your hair overnight is actually pretty good for it, since it does not get unkempt so much. The trick is to braid your hair very loose and to use the right hair tie. So say ‘Good bye’ to painfull comb sessions in the morning and ‘Hello’ to beautiful undone waves. A win-win situation.


That was my personal hair 101. What products do you love or which tricks do you use to save some time and your hair?