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Hair 101

I get questions about my hair pretty often. Like nearly every other girl me and my hair had a lot to go through which ended in an excessive hate-love relationship.
In my small hair 101, I show you how I care for my hair and where my hair color is from, which is (poorly) not given by nature.

TIPS By On 18. September 2016

5 things you should start doing in your twenties

So I turned 20 last month. In all these films and books, the twenties are a magical time. Something adenturous. I don’t know if that is all the truth but I’m gonna find it out within the next 10 years. But one thing I know already, many things change when you turn 20. And you should keep some of them in mind.

TIPS By On 3. September 2016

5 Instagram Accounts for a good mood

9 million germans are using Instagram, worldwide over 400 million people. That’s a few. Daily we check out our feeds to see nice photos of perfect influencers or new stuff from popular brands. Sometimes we get some insights in the lifes of our favorite stars. (The day Hayley Williams quit Instagram was a very sad day for me). But with the time I started to follow some different accounts who show me something different.