Not today my friend.

About me

"Photography is an art

of observation.

It has little to do with

the things you see and

everything to do with

the way you see them."

Elliott Erwitt

I am Farina Hannemann. Born and raised in some places in Germany and now Design Student in Münster.
Creative and impulsive since my first breath, I'm always searching for a way to express myself, what I think and what I feel. After my Abitur, I spend a year abroad in Australia and Indonesia and haven't stopped travelling since.
My camera is my go-to Travelbuddy and I love to spend quality time with people who I love and who inspire me.
Right now I am doing my best to live life to it's fullest and capture it on the way.

He who returns from a journey

is not the same

as he who left.

Chinese Proverb